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Class "P" Packed Column Type Deaerators

Packed Column: These are generally used for very small boiler applications with a product range of 200 #/hr to 11,000 #/hr. This design is particularly efficient at deaerating very low flow rates. It is the most economically priced unit below 7,000 #/hr flow range.

In the packed column unit, water is sprayed into a pressurized steam atmosphere (first stage deaeration) in order to preheat and partially deaerate the incoming water. The water then cascades down through a vertical stainless steel column filled with stainless steel packing material, while the countercurrent steam flow scrubs the remaining traces of oxygen out of the water. The steam acts as a carrier gas, to expel the removed oxygen out the vent. The deaerated water then falls into the horizontal storage section and is ready for use by the boiler, at saturated temperature and with oxygen levels at .005 cc/liter.




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