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Class "T" Tray Type Deaerators

Tray (also Spray/Tray): This is our most versatile and rugged deaerator unit. It is offered in a range of 3,500 #/hr to 2,000,000 #/hr and higher. This unit can handle severe load swings, varying inlet water temperatures and changing operating pressures while maintaining deaeration efficiency. It is typically priced higher than the other types of deaerators in a given size range.

In the tray type unit, water is sprayed into a pressurized steam atmosphere (first stage deaeration) in order to preheat and partially deaerate the incoming water. The water then cascades down through a series of stainless steel trays, while the countercurrent steam flow scrubs the remaining traces of oxygen out of the water. The steam acts as a carrier gas, to expel the removed oxygen out the vent. The deaerated water then falls into the horizontal storage section and is ready for use by the boiler, at saturated temperature and with oxygen levels at .005 cc/liter.

Customization of the tray type is available in any configuration including vertical orientation, dual compartment (deaerator with attached surge tank), and single skid deaerator/surge packages in over/under or end-to-end arrangements.