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Fuel-Pac Type D Diesel Oil Pumping and Treating Systems

Package "A" and Package "B"

BFS designs and manufactures a full line of diesel/stand-by fuel oil pumping equipment including a vast selection of fuel quality maintenance and conditioning options with electric controls. This equipment has applications wherever clean fuel is required, such as diesel generators for emergency back-up power, or as a stand-by alternate boiler fuel.

The pumping systems come in any custom engineered arrangement, fully packaged with fuel maintenance and conditioning. System components are selected to provide years of trouble free system operation.

Diesel fuel is a critical component in any emergency back-up power generation application. The generators will require the fuel to be ready for use immediately upon demand. Will your fuel be free of condensate, particulate matter and micro-organisms which can compromise the integrity of your fuel supply? A Fuel-Pac Type D diesel fuel treatment system is excellent insurance to protect your investment in diesel fuel, and give you piece of mind, that your fuel supply will be ready for use upon demand. These systems will treat your fuel supply on an automated pre-determined schedule. The system will filter out any particulate matter from the fuel, remove any condensate build up and add biocide to prevent any micro-organisms from growing.