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Panel-Pac System Control Centers

Panel-Pac System Control Centers provide a versatile solution for motor control, alarms, and status information. Control Centers are typically used on fuel oil systems and deaerating systems.

Standard features include a NEMA Type 1 enclosure, magnetic across-the-line starters with 115 VAC coil and three-phase overload protection, numbered terminal blocks, a fused control circuit, a job-specific wiring diagram, power fuse blocks, On-Off or Hand-Off-Auto Switches, and Run Lights. Operator interface devices are identified with engraved nameplates.

Many options are available, including NEMA Type 12 or Type 4 enclosures, Disconnect Switches, Motor Fuses, Circuit Breakers, a Control Circuit Transformer, a Lead/Lag function, Alarms, a Low Water Cut-Off function, Auxiliary Contacts, and UL Listed.