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ZER-O-PAC Surge Systems

The perfect match: A ZER-O-PAC Surge/Transfer System and a ZER-O-PAC deaerating system. Both designed and manufactured by BFS Industries, a name associated with quality since 1946. A surge/transfer system is an important component in a steam system when there is a high volume of condensate returns, or the returns come back in “slugs”. A surge tank will allow this condensate to be collected at varying rates, and transfer the condensate/make-up mix to the deaerator under steady state conditions. For additional information regarding surge system operation, see our discussion “When Should a Surge/Transfer Pump System Be Used with a Deaerator?”

ZER-O-PAC surge/transfer systems are available in eighteen standard sizes ranging from 3,500 #/hr to 150,000 #/hr, with an unlimited selection of non-standard sizes and options.

600 Gallon Vertical Surge Transfer System